Booking System Refresh

We're constantly adding new features to At The Yard to make it more powerful and more flexible. This allows us to meet the needs of more yards than ever and in turn allow them to offer an ever increasing range of services to their liveries.

In addition to expanding the product we think that it's important to regularly look back at existing features and continually work to improve the user experience.

To achieve this we take a range of approaches:

  • We internally review how the features work at the moment, identifying for ourselves sticking points as we replicate the day to day jobs a yard performs.
  • We talk to yard owners and liveries who regularly use At The Yard and get their feedback.
  • We sit down with these users and work with them whilst they use At The Yard, all the while noting any areas they find cumbersome or feel could be easier to use.

We use all this to identify features and areas within At The Yard that could be improved. From there we design and implement updates to enhance the usability of the existing features for everyone.

The latest fruits of this process have led to the recent refresh of the booking system (which also happens to be the first feature we ever built for At The Yard). Up to now we've displayed the next few days available slots in a long list (shown below). Whilst functional it was not the most aesthetically pleasing and could definitely be made easier to use when making a booking.

The Old Booking Interface

To improve this we've overhauled the Booking System giving it a more calendar like structure with everything displayed in time order, top to bottom. This improves clarity and ease of use whilst allowing you, at a glance, to get an overview of a facility for the day (or the week).

I'm sure you'll all agree that the new booking view (shown below) is much clearer and easier to use.

The New Booking Interface

This design refresh has also come to our mobile experience (shown below). Finally, whilst implementing the new look we improved some of the underlying systems that control bookings. This will allow us to continue to improve the booking experience as time goes on.

The New Mobile Booking Interface

Getting The New Booking View

As always, all subscribers to At The Yard have already received this update. Just go to the booking tab on the main menu, pick what you want to book and you'll see the new look.

As mentioned, this update came as a result of us talking directly to our existing users. We're always excited to get feedback on the product whether it's in regards to our existing features or suggestions for new ones. Either way it allows us to improve the experience for all the users of At The Yard.

So if you have suggestions for new features or improvements to any of the existing features in At The Yard please let us know by using the feedback link at the bottom of every At The Yard screen or by talking to your account rep.

P.S. If you've stumbled across this page and have your own livery yard we'd love to show you more of At The Yard. Please visit our contact page and get in touch.