Horse jumping over the text At The Yard

The following is a collection of screenshots from At The Yard showing a range of features available to subscribers. We are constantly adding new features and will continue to update this page.

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The services feature allows you to set up the different types of services offered at your yard (bring-ins, turn-outs etc...) as well as your different livery packages. You can customise what services (and products) are included in each different livery package. Once set up you can either manage the services on behalf of your liveries or allow them to make one off orders and subscriptions to services ad-hoc.


Whether you offer full livery and need to keep track of costs or you offer DIY and need to bill your liveries at the end of the month, the inbuilt product features can help. Simply set up your products in At The Yard (from feeds and hay through to wormers and other supplements). Once set up you can start offering them to your liveries and tracking sales.

Feeds Schedules

A comprehensive feeding system is included to help build and keep track of your daily feeding schedules. It lets you record how much feed each horse needs in the morning and evening. Once set up you can see an overview of how much feed you use across all the horses at your yard and will automatically bill the liveries accordingly.

Analytics and Stock Control

We've included powerful product management system. This lets you understand who is purchasing products and the rate at which they're being consumed. This will let you keep track of when you'll need to order more. The included "stock order builder" will help you create orders to replenish your supplies as needed. If you record your stock takes in the system it'll also automatically show you if you have discrepancies between the stock take and expected stock levels.


Yards spend a lot of time, effort and money providing the best facilities for liveries. However most yards don't have any systems in place for liveries to book a facility or see availability. At The Yard makes this quick and simple for both you and your liveries. Simply set up each facility in At The Yard (including the slot length, times of day available, minimum time before booking etc). This makes it easy for liveries to book from their phones or PCs either at home or whilst at the yard. Giving them the peace of mind that they'll be able to ride when they arrive. If you have a facility which is big enough to have more than one horse in at a time you can use the social features. These allow the liveries to record which horse they're riding and what they'll be doing. This is shown to other liveries when they are making a booking allowing everyone to make an informed and safe choice whilst encouraging community at the yard.


There is so much information you need to keep track of for the horses at your yard. We make this easy with our customisable horse information database. You can choose what information you want to track and can keep historic records (great for information like worm counts etc). This information can be made available to the livery and staff or you can have staff only records for more sensitive information.


Invoicing is a process, which if not approached with the correct tools and systems in place, can quickly spiral out of control. By using At The Yard all the costs are tracked as they occur - every time you record a feed, a turn out or anything else in the system it's automatically added to the users account. At the end of the month you can either invoice liveries entirely automatically or you can preview the outstanding charges and tweak the invoice before sending it. PDFs are automatically generated and a notification sent to the email address on file for that livery. If your yard is VAT registered we help you keep track of the VAT applicable items and the VAT exempt items. The invoice will automatically generate a breakdown of each different VAT code.


Whether you're a small yard or a large yard you need to keep track of the jobs to be done. This needs to be presented to your staff in one single place so they can get on with the jobs for the day. In At The Yard we call these Forecasts. These forecasts can be sorted by service or by horse. Once a job has been completed the staff member can mark them completed so the yard manager can keep track of the progress for the day. These forecasts are automatically kept up to date as services are ordered or cancelled. In addition to this an email is automatically sent to your staff members when a new subscription or order is made. This means they'll be made aware of the new job required even if they haven't check the forecast recently.