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05 November 2018

Product Guide - Setting Up an All Inclusive Feed Package for Your Livery Yard

At your equine livery yard you may offer an all inclusive feed package to your liveries. They pay a standard fee once a month and get all feeds included. In At The Yard this is easy to setup whilst still allowing you to keep track of how much feed is used by each horse.

Setting Up The Service

We’ll begin by creating the new service which we’ll call the All Feeds Inclusive service - though you can call it whatever you want. In this screen we can set the price, the billing period and everything else you’d normally setup when you create a new service.

As always you can do this by clicking on the New Service button on the Admin -> Service page.

You’ll be greeted by the standard Service creation form. The only significant thing you might want to do differently is remove the checkbox for User under the Users who are able to order/subscribe to a service section. This will stop users subscribing to this service without your involvement. This is typical at most yards as you don’t generally want your liveries being able to sign up for this sort of package without talking to you first.

Once you’ve created the service it’ll be listed under your services.

Click on the Edit button and click the Edit Included Products button.

Under this menu you’ll be able to select how much of each product is included when a livery has a subscription to the the All Feeds Inclusive service.

If you check the Unlimited checkbox it’ll allow the livery to have an unlimited amount of that particular product. Alternatively you can of course enter a specific quantity that a livery is allowed by typing it into the form field above the Unlimited? checkboxes. Once you’re ready just click on the Update Service button to save the new allowances.

That’s all you need to get the service setup.

Subscribing Liveries to the Service

Now you’ve setup your new service all you need to do is subscribe your liveries to it. To do this go to the Management -> Order/Subscriptions button.

Click on the New Order(s)/Subscription(s) button and select the new service (All Feeds Inclusive) service from the dropdown box and click Next.

Select Subscribe  from the dropdown box and click Next

On the screen you see you’ll need to choose:

  • The date you’d like to start the new subscription to the service for your liveries.
  • The horses which you’d like to subscribe to the service.

Once you’ve made these changes you just need to click Create Subscription.

That’s all there is to do. The liveries now have the appropriate subscription and will get all their feed included. So just log feeding as usual and it’ll handle it all for you.

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