Bringing At The Yard to More Yards


When I first came up with the idea for At The Yard it was to scratch my own itch. I wanted to be able to book the sand school at the yard where we kept our mare. At the time we were at a tiny DIY yard with only a small handful of fellow horses. However, as I am sure many of you (and your liveries) will have experienced, even when the school is free 90% of the time, sometimes you need to guarantee it’ll be available (Lessons, Demonstrations etc..). And so At The Yard was born!

Since then At The Yard has grown significantly. You can now manage your invoices, your assisted services, track product sales, stock control and much much more. Each feature working to improve the experience for our customers and their liveries.

We love talking to our customers and hearing the stories of how they use At The Yard. How it saves them time and lets them offer new conveniences to their liveries. We continue to use this feedback to grow and improve the product.

However we’re very aware that as a Livery yard money is important. There are some of you who would love to use At The Yard, but for whom the price is a barrier. With that in mind, we have some good news. As of Wednesday 18/04/18 we have reduced the price of all three of our packages by £20 PCM.  This means on our best value package it works out to less than 8p per horse per day!

We want to be regarded as the best package for livery yard management out there, and we know that being competitive on price is a part of that. That’s why we’re excited to bring this announcement to the equine community and hope it lets us work with even more of you!

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch on our contact page I look forward to speaking to you and for more of you to start benefiting from At The Yard

Ashley Griffiths
Managing Director of With A Dot Ltd
Makers of At The Yard