Xero Integration is Coming To At The Yard


Our aim from the beginning has been to make At The Yard the best software around for running your livery yard. We make it super quick and easy for your liveries to order services and products from wherever they are in the world, let you manage your stock from your mobile phone and make invoicing your customers a walk in the park (in some cases literally, try doing your invoicing from your local park sometime!).

In 2018 there is a breadth of cloud based products available to support and enhance the day to day running of your business. From web hosting and advertising platforms through to payment processors and accounting packages. These companies are all working in their own area, aiming to each bring their best in class solution to the world.

It’s when multiple of these products are brought together that the true magic of the cloud can be unlocked. Much like cloud based software is available to you from wherever you are, they can be made available to each other through integrations. This means you can connect the different solutions that you use to one another, allowing information to flow seamlessly between them. This creates an overall solution which is truly greater than the sum of it’s parts!

Up until this time At The Yard has not supported any integrations. However I’m happy to announce that our first integration is going to be with www.xero.com a cloud based accounting package. This past Thursday (the 21st of June) I had the pleasure of attending the Xero Developer Roadshow in London. Not only did I get to meet some of the fantastic people from their team but was excited for their continued vision of building out their platform to allow for a broad range of integrations.

The work to build the integration for At The Yard to Xero is nearly complete. We’re preparing to work with their team to move through their certification program so we can open this up to all At The Yard customers who use Xero. As part of this we will be going through a BETA program with Xero in which we will be testing the implementation and taking onboard feedback to make the integration as easy to use and as streamlined as possible.

So if you’re a customer of Xero we’d love to hear from you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a current subscriber of At The Yard or not, get in touch on xerousers@attheyard.co.uk. We can help get you setup in your existing At The Yard account or set you up with a free (special extended as a thank you for your help) trial of At The Yard to test the integration.

We look forward to hearing from you and getting this feature rolled out to a wider audience. Also let us know what other cloud products you use which you’d like to see At The Yard integrate with in the future.

Thank you,
Ashley Griffiths
Managing Director of With A Dot Ltd - Makers of At The Yard