Invoice Grouping

We’ve got a small update to the invoicing system on this #FeatureFocusFriday. It allows you to customise how you want to group similar charges made by a user when creating an invoice.

First let us take a look at an example where a customer has purchased multiple of the same supplement on different days. In the first image below we have the default grouping options which separates the purchases out by date.


In the next image (below) we have adjusted the grouping options so that it ignores the date. This means that all purchases of the same type and with the same details will be grouped together. As a side effect of a larger group you’ll see a date range in which the all the charges were made.


To change the settings all you need to do is click the Grouping Options button when creating a new invoice. You’ll then be able to check/uncheck the options you wish to exclude.

For example, if you want to exclude different dates as a distinguishing factor for your groups you would simply check ‘Date of charge’, if you want it included you uncheck it.


As always, if you find yourself needing additional options let us know and we’ll add more as needed.

Enjoy your #FeatureFocusFriday!