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24 January 2024

Streamline Your Invoicing with Our New Automated and Advanced Invoicing Feature

Product Update

Invoicing has been a staple of At The Yard for many years. Going back to our earliest days we wanted to ensure the laborious task of invoicing was made as quick and painless as possible. Since then we've introduced a host of refinements and enhancements each making invoicing easier and quicker and just better!

But at the end of the day... the best invoicing is still the invoicing you never have to do!

With this end in mind we're pleased to introduce a new feature to invoicing in At The Yard - Automated and Advanced Service Invoicing. It's going to save you time, streamline your accounting and improve your yards cash flow.

Automated Service Invoicing lets you set individual services to automatically create an invoice and send it to the customer. Advanced Service Invoicing lets you configure the automated invoices to be sent out in advance of the service date.

Why Automated and Advanced Invoicing?

Recurring services, such as livery packages and fixed monthly charges represent a large proportion of a yards income. As such it's essential that the invoices for these services go out on time and that payment is received promptly to ensure a steady cash flow for the yard.

By combining automation this with advanced billing you can improve cash flow further by making sure payment is received in advance of the provision of service. This also allows you to address any issues with non payment before the service is delivered.

Life is unpredictable (especially when you run a livery yard) but by automating livery billing it ensures that no matter what else is going on, your business can keep it's cash flowing and the business running.

Key Benefits:

  • Time-Saving Automation: No more manual invoicing for repetitive services. Set it up once, and let At The Yard handle the rest.
  • Consistent Cash Flow: Ensure timely payments by scheduling invoices to go out in advance, giving your clients ample notice and helping you plan your finances more effectively.
  • Improved Clarity In Your Accounts: Many yards have their customers pay them via standing order to cover the cost of the livery. They then make a follow up payment to cover extras. By setting up the livery to be a separate invoice it makes the two payments clearer in your accounts, speeding up reconciliation as opposed to mixing it all together.

Why not use the "Automatically Generate Invoices" Feature?

You may be asking how is this different to the 'Automatically Generate Invoices' option that's already available. From an automation point of view - nothing.

Both features will automatically send out invoices. However the key difference is this new feature gives you all the convenience of automatic invoicing for charges that rarely change (e.g. livery) whilst allowing you to review the invoices for extra charges prior to sending them out (something lots of yard owners like to do).

Getting Started:

Setting up this powerful feature is quick and straightforward. Follow these simple steps to get started:

Automatic Invoicing

Step 1: Log in to Your Account Visit our website and log in to your account using your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to the Services Section Once logged in, navigate to the services page under the Admin tab. Click 'Edit' on the service you wish to setup for automatic invoicing.

Step 3: Set 'Auto invoice subscription' to 'Yes' In the service class settings box locate the drop down called 'Auto invoice subscription' and set it to 'Yes'

Step 4: Submit Your Update Click on 'Update Service' at the bottom of the form.

Advanced Invoicing

Step 1: Log in to Your Account Visit our website and log in to your account using your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to the 'Configure Yard' Page Once logged in, navigate to the 'Configure Yard' page under the Admin tab.

Step 3: Find the 'Invoice Settings' section In this section click on 'Edit Invoice Settings' to bring up the invoice settings page.

Step 4: Set 'Auto Invoicing Services' Find the 'Auto Invoicing Services' section. From here you can set how far ahead invoices will be automatically sent out.

Step 5: Submit Your Update Click on 'Update' at the bottom of the form.


With our new Automated and Advanced Invoicing feature, is committed to simplifying your invoicing process, saving you time and ensuring a steady and predictable cash flow. Embrace the future of hassle-free invoicing and take your business efficiency to new heights.

Ready to experience the convenience?

  • If you're a customer log in to your yards account now and elevate your invoicing game!
  • If you're not but want to benefit visit and sign up for a trial today.