Setting up Horse Shares, Syndicate Horses and Yard Horses

A few weeks ago we added the ability to share horses; between liveries, to the whole yard or for a syndicate group of owners.

All the sharing options are setup in the management horse view. To get to this view go to the menu and click Management -> Yard Horses and click on Show on the horse you’re sharing.

Scroll down and find the Add Share button to set it up. On this page you’ll have all the sharing options in the system with which you can configure your shares. The rest of this post will look at the different sharing scenarios available to you.

Sharers for a Livery Horse

This scenario is used when you have a livery on your yard who has a private sharer. You can set the sharer an account up and then share your liveries horse to the new sharers account. The sharer will then be able to book lessons, purchase products etc. with/for that horse.

Horses Available Yard Wide

This scenario can be used for yards which offer yard horses as part of a membership to the yard. Once setup every user at the yard can access the shared horse to book facilities (the school) or order services (a lesson) with/for that horse.

Syndicate Horse

Syndicate horses are horses that are owned by a group of users. A key element of these horses is that everything involved in the horses upkeep must be billed to the horse and then split amongst the syndicate owners. When it comes to billing time At The Yard will automatically split the bill amongst the syndicates. Take a look at the video below to see how.

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