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27 November 2022

Shop Updates: Image Gallery

Product Update, Feature Tour

In March we released the shop feature for At The Yard after more than a year of testing. It’s allowed our customers to reach a wider audience and create more opportunities for their customers to use and benefit from the facilities and services they offer.

But we didn’t want to stop there, we had more ideas to add new features and improvements which we’re highlighting over the next few posts.

This is one post of multi a part series:

  1. Pricing Options for Multi Horse Booking
  2. Image Gallery

Today we’re highlighting the second update, Image Galleries. Our customers have some of the best facilities around and rightly so they want to show them off! We’re delighted to help them do so by allowing them to post as many pictures of their facilities as they want.

Let’s start by taking a look at how your customers will see these galleries.

A service overview page showing the 3 images of the facility, a description and the available bookings.

Clicking on any of the images allows people to take a look at the image in a bigger form. This is great for showing an a aerial overview of a course as shown in one of the images below.


Setup is quick and easy. Go to the Manage Shop page via the admin menu and click on Edit Publication. Scroll down to the Extra Information section and you’ll now see a new option for Gallery Images (shown below).

From here you can see your existing images (if you’ve already set some up) and have the option to add more by clicking on the blue + button at the bottom. When you click on the button a new blank option (shown on the far right) will be created allowing you to upload a new image.

You can then use the drag handles located at the top of the images to move everything around into the order you want.

When you’re ready, simply click submit and everything will be updated and ready to go!

Images are a fundamental way we make choices when shopping and with this update we’re excited to have expanded the pre-sales experience you can offer your customers. As we mentioned at the top of the post this is part of a multi-part series highlighting updates that we’ve brought to the shop since it’s launch, so check back soon for the next update.

24 October 2022

Shop Updates: Pricing Options for Multi Horse Booking

Product Update

In March we released the shop feature for At The Yard after more than a year of testing. It’s allowed our customers to reach a wider audience and create more opportunities for their customers to use and benefit from the facilities and services they offer.

But we didn’t want to stop there, we had more ideas to add new features and improvements which we are excited to be highlighting over the next few weeks.

This is one post of multi a part series:

  1. Pricing Options for Multi Horse Booking
  2. Image Gallery

The first of these is Pricing Options. Pricing Options streamlines and improves support for Multi Horse Bookings.

In the initial release of the shop you had to create and publish multiple services to be able to offer multi horse discounts when booking in a single slot (e.g. a service with 1 horse = £20, a service with 2 horses = £35). Not only was this time consuming to create and maintain for the yard but it could make for a cluttered looking shop (shown below).

The Old Approach - Separate Services for Each Quantity of Horses

This new feature, Pricing Options changes this by allowing you to publish a single service that has the multiple pricing options setup within. Once setup it results in a much cleaner looking shop (shown below) and makes for an easier booking experience for your customers.

Renting The Arena

Pricing Options
1 Horse - £30.00
2 Horses - £50.00
3 Horses - £70.00

How this Works for your customers

From a customer perspective not much has changed. As shown above, the service page is now much cleaner and it is much easier to find what you want.

Once the customer has chosen the service they want (and when they want it) they’ll be asked to select the quantity of horses for the booking. This is done using a simple drop down box, from which the customer can select the number of horses (and at the same time see the different price for each option).

Once they’ve made their choice they’ll get to select the name and details for each of the horses they’re bringing with them to the booking. Finally, when they’re ready, they can add it to the basket and they’ll be ready to go to the checkout (or order more services).

How To Setup Pricing Options

Setting up pricing options is done from the service publication view within the shop management page in At The Yard. To get started find your existing service and click on Edit or Publish a New Service.

As before the base price (for one horse) needs to be set first. But now a new section, Pricing Options, has been added. By default this section will be empty but you can add as many options as you want by clicking on the blue + button at the bottom of the section.

Within each option you need to select the required number of orders (the number of horses) along with the associated price and deposit.

When you’re finished, click save and these will be ready for your customers to use. You’ll also be able to see an overview of your pricing options in the published service list under shop management.

Pricing Options are an example of an update we love in At The Yard - one that improves and refines the experience for your customers!

As we mentioned at the start of this post this is part of a multi-part series highlighting updates that we’ve brought to the shop since it’s launch, so check back soon for the next update.

04 August 2021

Guide: Subscription Dependant Pricing


Subscription Dependent Pricing (read more about it here) lets you offer discounts for additional services and facilities to your customers - managed by the subscription to a livery or membership package that they have.

In this guide we’ll show you how to setup Subscription Dependent Pricing. As the process is the same for both facilities and services, this example will show the process for a service but it’ll work exactly the same for a facility.

Before you start you need to make sure you have the following setup:

  • Your livery/memberships packages setup as continuous services.
  • The facilities/services for which you want to setup discounts for setup.

Once you’ve got everything setup you’re ready to begin. The discounts are setup under the Admin Edit Screen for the relevant facility or service you wish to offer the discount on. You’ll see the following section within the edit screen:

You can add as many discounts as you need by clicking the + button.

From here you need to make two choices. First select the service a customer is required to have a subscription for to be eligible for the discount. Second you need to set the percentage discount you’ll offer to the customer if they have the relevant subscription.

The following shows an example for a Turn Out service.

In this example you can see the standard price for a Turn Out is £5.00 and it has two possible discounts. For customers with a subscription to the standard Livery package they’ll receive a 10% discount when they order the service, whereas if they have a subscription to the Full Livery - 5 Day package they’ll receive a greater 20% discount.

Once you’re done click on Update and the discounts will be setup. As a customer they’ll see the standard price alongside any discounted prices that may be available to them for their horses (if they have a relevant subscription for that horse).

Everything else is then automatically taken care of as part of At The Yard’s automatic billing system. If you have any questions when setting this up for your yard please contact your account manager and they’ll be more than happy to help.

18 August 2021

New Integration: RotaCloud

Product Update, Guide, Integration

We recently launched an update to the rota system in At The Yard that expanded functionality to let yards organise everything from staff rotas through to who’s turn it is to clear the paddock.

But what if you still need more?
Well that’s where integrations come in. Like At The Yard is with livery yards there are companies who’s focus is 100% on building the best software for creating and managing rotas.

Through integrations you can pick the best software available for rotas and bring that data into At The Yard where it can be easily displayed to your customers on the dashboard.

RotaCloud ( was the clear choice for us to support as the initial 3rd party rota System to integrate with At The Yard and we are excited to be announcing the launch today.

About RotaCloud

RotaCloud is based in the heart of Yorkshire, UK - and who better to tell you about themselves than themselves:

Having been on the receiving end of more than a few poorly managed work rotas themselves, RotaCloud’s co-founders David, Joel and James decided to come up with a solution. They pooled their skill-sets and got to work building an app that would let managers create and share rotas in minutes, regardless of their experience of rota management or technology. Cut to today, and RotaCloud is used by more than 3,000 businesses all over the world, saving managers time, helping businesses grow, and making life easier for their staff.

- RotaCloud -

Setting up the Integration

Before you get started you’ll need to make sure you have:

  • Your At The Yard account set up.
  • Your staff set up as users in At The Yard
  • Your RotaCloud account set up (with a Location & Rota created).
  • Your staff set up as employees in RotaCloud.

To start the setup you need to go to the Integration Configuration page by clicking the button on the AdminYard Config page. On this page you’ll see a section called RotaCloud Integration and a button you can press to enable the integration. Once you’ve clicked it you’ll see the following screen:

Next you’ll need to create an API key over in RotaCloud. You can do this by going into RotaCloud, go to the settings menu and go to the 'API & Webhooks' section. Create a new API key called At The Yard and copy and paste the API key into the box in At The Yard and click Store Key.

At The Yard and RotaCloud are now connected.

The next thing to do is link your staff users in At The Yard to your Employees in RotaCloud. To do this click on the Manage Contact Links button.

You’ll need to go to each staff member’s row and select the corresponding employee name from RotaCloud in the dropdown box. When you’re ready click on Create and it’ll setup all the links between the users and the employees in the two systems.

Your rotas will now be set to synchronise - this updates every 2 to 3 hours so you may have to wait a little while for the first synchronisation to take place. Once the first synchronisation takes place your rotas will show up under the Management ➔ Rota page. To let users see them you’ll need to go into the manage section for the rota and check the Publish checkbox (you may also want to check the Show in Forecast checkbox depending on your needs).

Congratulations! RotaCloud is now setup and syncing data with At The Yard and you can start benefiting from both systems working as one.

10 August 2021

Feature Update: Rotas

Product Update

We introduced the Rota feature to At The Yard in late 2019 (read more here). It allowed yards to organise their recurring tasks and show them to their staff and customers within At The Yard. We later added the ability to add times as well as days but, beyond that, the Rota feature has stayed pretty much the same. This has worked well for the customers who’s needs were met by this narrow feature set but we wanted to make it more useful for more of our yards.

In particular we want to make Rota’s more useful as Staffing Rotas. So today we’re excited to release an update to Rotas to make this possible - focusing on two significant areas; a new type of Rota and a new way to display the Rota.

Dated Rotas

Dates have only been supported up to now by giving a rota the title of the day of the week it was applicable for but this wasn’t ideal stopped yards from really using this feature.

To make what we wanted to do possible we added a new rota that is ‘dated’ rather than ‘named’, it’s called a ‘Week Commencing’ Rota.

This Rota type allows you to create a Rota for a specific week. Simpler and clearer for you and your users and it means we can do much more to help organise and manage your Rotas for you going forward.

Displaying Rotas On The Calendar

The calendar (and the today view) have become a central part of At The Yard. It’s the first thing people look at whether they’re on their phone, computer or at a kiosk at the yard.

With this in mind we’re making it possible for Rotas to be shown on the calendar (for both ‘Week Commencing’ and ‘Named’ Rotas).

Just by being able to make a Rota so much more visible we think it’s going to change the way yards use this feature.

Once setup (which can be done by ticking the ‘show on forecasts’ button in manage Rotas) it’ll be great for everything from letting liveries know which member of staff will be available on a day through to letting everyone know who’s turn it is to clear the paddock.

If you have any feedback or would like to suggest any additional enhancements to the Rota feature please let us know on our contact page or by talking to your account manager.